How can I access a discount on the shipping?

How can I access a discount on the shipping?

If you choose shipping with DHL or FedEx there is 50% discount if you order is more than $200. (This is a promotion that is valid only if displayed as an advertisement on the website)
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    • Is My Order Eligible For A Discount?

      Alpaca Mall offers seasonal discounts on delivery through DHL and FedEx. Special offers will be advertised on the website. Orders of $200 or more qualify for a 50% discount on shipping costs. For contact us, click here.
    • How much is the shipping cost?

      The shipping cost is calculated based on the weight of the products that you order, the country to which the shipment was made and the company chosen for the shipment.
    • What kinds of shipping options do you offer?

      We offer several shipping methods, including: Regular Mail, Express Mail Service or Courier. Depending on the location you want the package to be delivered, regular mail might take 1 to 3 weeks and the Express Mail Service or Courier might take 4 to ...
    • Why Did I Not Receive the Expected Discount?

      Check if your product is in the "Offers" category and verify the amount of the offer that applies to you. In case the product is not in this category, it means that it has no offer available. If you did not receive the discount that applies to you, ...
    • How many discounts or promotions can be applied to my order?

      You can access all discounts and promotions applicable to the products according to the promotions offered on the Alpaca Mall website. For contact us, click here.