What are the steps to buy in Alpaca Mall?

What are the steps to buy in Alpaca Mall?

1. Browse through the categories, select and choose a product from the Alpaca Mall website.

2. Take a look at the characteristics, sizes and material of the garment/item to see if they are the most convenient for you.

3. Click on "ADD TO CART"

4. A window will appear for you to check if the product you are requesting is the one you really want, there you can also see the quantity of products you are requesting and the price. We will also suggest similar products or ones that can be easily combined with the garment you chose.

5. To continue shopping click on "CONTINUE BUYING" and to finish your purchase process and issue the payment order for your products click on "PLACE ORDER".

6. Next we will present a summary of your order with the price of the products, the shipping cost and display any information that may affect the total you must pay such as special discounts and the option for you to register your coupons.

7. If you agree with the payment information you can click on "PLACE ORDER" or directly on "PAY WITH PAYPAL". We strongly advise you to be aware of our messages with promotions during this step since many times if you buy more than $200 the shipping cost is reduced to 50%, so you can choose all the products you want with a significant discount.

8. If you choose the "PAY WITH PAYPAL" option, you will be redirected to the PayPal page so that you can complete your purchase process. If you click on "PLACE ORDER", it is important that you register with an AlpacaMall account so that you can save your addresse(s) for orders and other important information to give you a more efficient and effective service.

9. You can choose the shipping method that suits you best and you will be informed instantly about the price and delivery time of each of our options. You can also post a comment related to the product that is important to you. When reviewing all this information to continue with your purchase process click on "CONTINUE".

10. Next, complete the payment process for your products. It is important to make sure that your credit card is authorized for international online purchases. After completing your payment information, click "CONTINUE".

11. Your purchase process will be completed and an e-mail will be sent to your account to confirm that your purchase process was successful.

Note: If you have any questions or suggestions do not hesitate to contact our customer service center by clicking here